The company history of Bühler Metallbearbeitung GmbH is characterised by continuos investments in larger production spaces and state-of-the-art machinery. Our picture shows a view of the most recent extension at our location, Alemannenstraße 7 in Seitingen-Oberflacht.

Corporate Development Met With Investments

The company Bühler Metallbearbeitung has been existing since the year 1990. Gerhard Bühler and Gerd Ulrich set up the business in Spaichingen. Operations were initially focused on production and distribution of precision parts. In 1995 the relocation from Spaichingen to Alemannenstraße 7  in Seitingen-Oberflacht took place. With the possible acquisition of the old festival hall  of Oberflacht, the wish for larger premises was ideally fulfilled.

Amidst the good business development at the new location, founder and managing director Gerhard Bühler died unexpectedly in September 2001. Sons Torsten and Rainer Bühler preserved his life's work and took over the company as coequal managing directors in October 2001. The solid and growing order situation encouraged the young company owners to make further investments. By acquiring a 3D gauging station, a CNC machining centre, and developing a quality management system, the machinery and inventory were optimised step by step.

In 2007, strongly growing capacity utilisation led to the acquisition of three further machining centres and one 3D coordinate-measuring machine. Simultaneously to this investment push the management board decided to introduce production control in the three-shift company.

The company building's size itself had to be continuosly adjusted to the business development. Thus, in 2003 a first extension (another depot) was followed by the construction of larger production hall which was completed and moved into in April 2008. In May 2008, a special milling department for medical technology was integrated into the operating procedure. In November 2007, the original GbR (BGB company) changed its corporate name into Bühler Metallbearbeitung GmbH (limited liability company).